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Getting a High Paying Job in Iraq Or Afghanistan production $4000+ a Week

Dentist Salem - Getting a High Paying Job in Iraq Or Afghanistan production 00+ a Week
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Why get a job in a War Zone? Some population make 4k a week and some make even more. The first ,600 is Tax free if you out of the country for 330 days out of 365. You make high pay, because you work 72 hours or more a week and there is the Hazard and Hardship pay on top of your quarterly pay. The danger varies between jobs, if you work exterior the wire and with convoys it can be very dangerous. If your job requires you to travel in convoys it can be dangerous too. I have no knowledge of working as a safety undertaker of a package deal and this description will not be addressing that type of work. Many jobs are inside the wire (on base) with not much travel and are relatively safe. Traveling can be dangerous military Fixed wing is the safest, helicopter travel is less safe and convoys being the most dangerous.

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How is Getting a High Paying Job in Iraq Or Afghanistan production 00+ a Week

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Sometimes even inside the wire there is mortar or rocket attacks and a siren regularly sounds and alerts everyone. There are hardened concrete bunkers you can take security in. There has been casualties from mortars and rockets inside bases in Iraq. I have had some mortar fire come close sufficient to shake my trailer, but for the most part I don't worry about it. There is also defenses against rocket fire and it called Cram (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar) that shoots down rockets and mortars. It's been pretty quite on my tour so for. These are the questions to ask if you are considering a job in Iraq or Afghanistan or where ever the next war will be. For many contractors it is not there first rodeo or their first year here. There are many ex-military working as contractors, but there are many with no military background. Like me for instance, I do not have a military background, but some jobs do require military experience. I work in It and generally It does not require a military background. regularly there is leave after 4 months on the job so I would ask about that too.

Ok now we know the dangers, so how do we get a job in the first place? One place to start is Web Sites like Clearancejobs. Clearancejobs requires a safety clearance, but the job may be able to get you one. Do Google searches on contractors in Iraq or Afghanistan. Kbr is the largest undertaker of a package deal in Iraq. Then go to the contractor's website and see if they have openings. Once you land a job your company will need to get you a reservation to get training at Crc (Conus exchange Center) in Fort Benning Army Post Georgia. Some undertaker of a package deal associates have liaisons' at Crc that help step you straight through the process. Crc is not that difficult to maneuver straight through on ones own, if you can make it to formation on time you will be guided through. They have a web site that tells you more information than you care to know. The training takes a week, but there is allot of hurry up and wait, which the Army is predominant for. You should have you military orders before you get there; many times they get emailed to you at the last minute. They have barracks on site or some associates pay to have their population stay in a hotel in Columbus Georgia a short drive away. If you stay in the barracks keep track of your valuables you can be ripped off while taking a shower. Lock up you stuff or it will be gone. There is a chow hall at Crc where you can eat for free.

You are exterior allot so be ready to brave the elements. It will be hot in summer without much air conditioning at formations or at most of the training for that matter. There is a physical that must be pasted, so if you health problems you could be denied going. It's best to have a physical before you go to Crc and have those test results with you. If you wear glasses you need two pair. You need to have your dental checked out by a dentist before you come; there is a form the dentist signs off on saying you will not have any dental problems while deployed. They will do health checks at Crc, but you have to pay for it. If you are over 40 there are extra heath checks they do (Ekg, Cholesterol). You will be issued protective gear like a body armor a Kevlar helmet and a gas mask. You have to wear the protective gear while you travel and that's the only time I wear it. You have to sign for the gear if you don't bring it back they can fee you or your company nearby 5 to 6 thousand dollars. Then on the last day you are cleared to go and some contractors fly the military Rotator Aircraft to Ali Al Salem airbase in Kuwait. Some contractors fly industrial airlines into Kuwait City and then make their way to Ali Al Salem and then for all its military Air to their destination. It's a indubitably long flight 17 hours or so be ready for it. Once you are in country there should be some one to scoop you up and take you to the your new work place.

Once you are in county most will be working 72 hours a week or so. Which is indubitably a blessing since there is not that much else to do. After a join days your given a trailer which is divided up into three rooms and most share that room with a roommate. The Dining premise or Dfac will be nearby for you to eat and there is regularly a food court where you can buy Subway, Pizza hut and Burger king. There is regularly a coffee house called Green Beans that has epicurean coffee too. There are Pxs which is the Post exchange were you can buy the basics that you need and some munchies. Different based have Different offerings. If you a working at a Fob (Forward Operating Base) things will be more rustic and there may not be a food court or Px.

The Heat in Middle East can take some getting used to. The summers are brutally hot and it takes a join weeks to acclimate. If you arrive in the summer drink lots of water as you body get used to the heat. Person at Crc described the heat in Iraq like this: He said get your oven heated up to 500 degrees and then place a fan on the open door and then put your face down there. It is kind of like that, the heat feels very hot on your face. I guess that's why everybody over here wears scarves over their face. The median temperatures in Iraq are higher than 120o F in July and August and below icy in January. A majority of the rainfall occurs from December straight through April and is more abundant in the tremendous region and may reach 40 inches a year in some places. The Iraqi climate is similar to that of the greatest southwestern United States with hot, dry summers, cold winters, and a pleasant spring and fall. Almost 90% of the every year rainfall occurs between November and April, most of it in the winter months from December straight through March. The remaining six months, particularly the hottest ones of June, July, and August are dry. The work on of the Persian Gulf on the climate of Iraq is very limited. Near the gulf the relative humidity is higher than in other parts of the country.

In about three months you should used to all and just be putting in your time and seeing forward to your R&R and then that great day arrives when you get to go home.

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