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We had a good read. For the benefit of yourself. Be sure to read to the end. I want you to get good knowledge from Dentist Salem . The Teeth Whitening Process At the practice of Dr. Fred M. Bourgeois, the teeth whitening process always begins with a thorough examination to detect any cavities or decay that may be exacerbated by the bleaching gel. Once Dr. Bourgeois has determined that your teeth are healthy, he will make a mold of your mouth which will be sent to a dental laboratory and used to create customized tooth bleaching trays for you. When you return to Dr. Bourgeois Salem, New Hampshire office to receive your teeth whitening materials, you will be given thorough instructions along with your custom trays and peroxide-based tooth bleaching gel. You will apply this gel to your trays and wear them comfortably overnight. In just a few weeks, the safe and gradual teeth whitening process will be complete and you will be flashing a dazzlingly white smile! To see for yourself what kind of teeth whitening results Dr. Bourgeois patients have come to expect, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery. Contact Dr. Fred M. Bourgeois in Salem, New Hampshire Even the most beautiful smile can appear marred by stains and discoloration, but many patients are too busy to spend hours in a dental chair waiting for tooth bleaching to take effect. With at-home tooth whitening, Dr. Bourgeois patients enjoy remarkable results and ultimate convenience. If you live in the Greater Merrimack Valley area, contact the Salem, New Hampshire office of Dr. Fred M. Bourgeois to learn more about how you can whiten your ...
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